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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is a modernized school with most, if not all, of its processes and operations digitized. From teaching, to the administration of the school as a whole, technology and IT plays a crucial role.

As part of it’s vision statement to be recognized world-wide, the need to keep updated in terms of technology is key. As a result of such high demand and reliance on technology and IT, the school has set up a separate body on its own called the University Information Technology Service (UITS) to manage all of the technological and IT operations of the school at large.

This unit is made up of IT experts and specialists who manage the database, daily activities, and all other operations of the school digitally. In an course of going digital, the UITS has managed to provide WIFI connection access for the entire KNUST populace.

Through the aid of the UITS, KNUST was one of the first universities in Ghana to initiate a campus wide WIFI accessibility in Ghana. The entire university has benefited much from this project but unfortunately, a great number of students and staff find it hard to connect their devices and computers to this KNUST WIFI to benefit from its use. Worry not!
In this article, we will take your through the step
bystep process to connect your device to this KNUST WIFI.

How to connect your Android Device to the KNUST WIFI

Go to Settings and turn on your device WIFI.
Select KNUST WIFI from the available connections to configure your device for use.
Choose the TTLS option under EAP Method
Choose the PAP option under Phase 2 authentication
Choose “Do not validate” under the CA certificate
Enter your student’s username in the Identity textbox
Enter your student’s ID in the Anonymous Identity textbox
Enter your student’s password in the Password textbox
Tap on Connect.

NB: WIFI connections available to students on campus are the KNUST WIFI and eduroam.    

They both require similar configurations visit

How to connect your IOS device to the KNUST WIFI

Go to the website “”
Scroll down and click on WIFI Configuration
Select IOS from the list of devices
Scroll down to option 2 and click here to download the configuration profile for either the KNUST WIFI or EDUROAM
Open the file in your device settings
Install the configurations
Type in your device passcode
Fill in your Username
Fill in your Password
Tap on Done

How to connect your Windows (8 or higher) computer to the KNUST WIFI

Click on the Network Button on the Taskbar
Select either the KNUST WIFI or EDUROAM from the list of available networks.
Enter your student’s username
Enter your student’s password
Click on Connect
Click on Yes on the next prompt

How to troubleshoot KNUST WIFI connection when you cannot connect to it (Android)

First of all, troubleshooting should be your last resort. This is to be done if and only if all options have been exhausted but then, you are still unable to connect to the KNUST WIFI. Some of the things you should pre-check before resorting to troubleshooting are:

Make sure that your device isn’t on Airplane mode
Make sure that WIFI is enabled on your device

But if the device claims to be connected but unable to load anything, you can now go ahead and continue to troubleshoot by forgetting the KNUST WIFI configurations and then connecting again

How to troubleshoot KNUST WIFI connection when you cannot connect to it (IOS)

To connect to the KNUST WIFI using an IOS device;
Go to settings, click on General
Click on Reset
Tap on Reset Network Settings
see also.

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