KNUST GUSSS HOTELS (Brunei) |How to apply(2023/2024)-see now

KNUST GUSSS Hostels are accommodation for students studying at Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology.

in this we’ll provide an overview about KNUST GUSSS Hostels, how to apply, pricing system, benefits etc.

KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei)

KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei) are a group of hostels constructed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSSS) on KNUST campus to provide accommodation for both traditional and foreign students on campus. As a result, they are run and managed by the GUSSS secretariat, separate from the traditional halls which are managed by the school directly. This community of hostels is located just behind the University Hall (Katanga) and is occupied by both freshmen and continuing students.

The hostels that constitute this community are: New Brunei, Old Brunei, Baby Brunei, Brunei Complex, and then the Chancellors Hall/ Hall 7.

Aside these 5 Hostels, there are a couple of other hostels on campus which are not managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSSS) but also, provides on-campus accommodation for students.

These hostels are the Post Graduate Hostel, Tek Credit, Master Card Impact building, and then the SRC hostel.

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Benefits of accommodation at KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei)

Accommodation at KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei) provides students with certain amenities such as free electricity, proximity to lecture halls, unlimited access to WIFI, better security, access to shuttle to transport students to and from class, a modernized spots center (football pitch, basketball court, volley ball court, tennis ball court), an event center where parties and events are hosted almost every weekend, a full stacked gym, amongst many. Such amenities makes life at the KNUST GUSSS hostels (Brunei) worth every penny paid for.

How much is KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei)

Room Type

Amount GHC

2 in 1


2 in 1 (complex blk S)


2 in 2


3 in 1


4 in 1


NB: utility bills inclusive


2 in 1:
o This is where 2 people share a room with its own washroom and kitchen
2 in 1 (complex blk S):
o This is where 2 people share a room at Brunei Complex. This slot is separated because there are not much 2 in 1 rooms at Brunei complex. Each room has its own washroom and kitchen.
2 in 2:
o Here, two separate 2 in 1 rooms have to share a single washroom but then, have their own separate kitchens.
3 in 1:
o This is where 3 people share a single room with its own washroom and kitchen
4 in 1:
o This is where 4 people share a single room with its own washroom and kitchen.

List of KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei)

  • New Brunei
  •  Old Brunei
  • Baby Brunei
  • Brunei Complex
  • Chancellors Hall/ Hall 7

Again, these are the list of GUSSS Hostels at KNUST

How to Apply for Accommodation at KNUST GUSSS Hostels(Brunei)

Login to the GUSSS portal with a laptop or desktop://
Fill in your Username and Password
Login to continue
Fill in your details
Follow the instructions to confirm your choice
Choose your preference from the pop-up list (Wait for an SMS indicating your room number upon reopening)
Save and Print a copy of the booking form
Visit any of the banks indicated on the form to make payment
Submit a copy of your payment receipt at the GUSSS secretariat office at New Brunei

Other Hostels on KNUST campus

Other external hostels that provide accommodation on campus aside the KNUST GUSSS Hostels (Brunei) are as follows:

1. Post Graduate Hostel

Established and managed by a private association of credit unions. Specifically for Post graduate students.

2. Tek credit

This is also being managed by an association of credit unions. For continuing students of any gender

3. Master card Impact Building

Established and managed by the Master Card Foundation. For both continuing students and freshmen as well

4. SRC hostel

Established as an initiative of the Students Representative Council and also, managed by the SRC

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