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UDS BSc In Nursing: University for Development Studies has opened admission for both undergraduate and postgraduate in BSc In Nursing.
Prospective applicants who are interested in the programme can apply now.

In this article, we’ll look at UDS BSc In Nursing, how to apply, admission requirements, cut off points etc.

We’ll also look at some of the frequently asked questions about UDS BSc In Nursing programme.

UDS BSc In Nursing

Prospective applicants who want to apply for Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at the University of Development Studies (UDS) can apply now

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University for Development Studies (UDS) provides a comprehensive education, integrating theoretical coursework with practical clinical experience

Students gain in-depth knowledge of nursing principles, healthcare systems, and patient care practices

With a focus on evidence-based practice and interdisciplinary collaboration, graduates are prepared to excel in diverse healthcare settings

UDS BSc In Nursing Admission Requirement

In order to get admission to study at UDS for Bachelor of Science in nursing, applicants must meet the below requirements.


  • Credit passes in three (3) core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science
  • Credit passes in three (3) electives subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electives Mathematics




French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Christian Religion, General agricultural science, History, Geography, Economics, Government, Literature in English, Any Ghanaian Language

University for Development Studies Cut Off Points For BSc In Nursing

UDS BSc In Nursing cut off points is very important to guide applicant in the process of selecting their course at UDS. therefore, student who want to apply must meet with the cut off points of the school before applying.

UDS cut off points for BSc In Nursing is 10 for Science Students and 8 for Non-Science Students (with a minimum of B2 in Integrated Science)

Duration of UDS BSc In Nursing

The UDS Nursing is a four (4) degree programmed which leads to the award of  bachelor of science in nursing degree

What Are The Grades Needed for UDS BSc In Nursing Course

Prospective applicants must present a West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) with credit passes (A1 – C6) in six (6) subjects’ core subject English, Mathematics, Intergrated Science. Elective subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Electives Mathematics.

Does UDS Offer Nursing?

Yes,The University for Development Studies offer BSc In nursing courses.

Prospective students who want to read bsc In nursing can apply for study admission at the university for the preferred qualification of the programme.

Is UDS Open For Admission?

Yes , UDS is currently accepting applications. Prospective students interested in studying at University for Development Studies can submit their applications.

To apply for admission go here UDS Online Application

How Do I Apply To Study Nursing At UDS?

Application for study admission at the University for Development Studies (UDS), is done both by online or hard copy application forms.

So, you can apply via online through the www.uds.edu.gh

Will I Get Admission to Study Nursing At UDS If I Don’t Meet The Cut Off Points?

No, you’ll not be admitted reading nursing at the University for Development Studies if you do not meet the cut off points for the programme

Only applicants who meet the admission requirements for nursing will be offered admission space into the university to study it courses

Is UDS BSc In Nursing Worth it

Yes, Pursuing a BSc in Nursing at UDS offers a wealth of opportunities and benefits.

With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and hands-on clinical training, the program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the nursing profession.

Graduates of UDS’s nursing program are well-prepared to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery, contribute to their communities, and embark on fulfilling careers in nursing.

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