List of UCC Education Courses (2024/2025)

UCC Education Courses

The University of Cape Coast offers almost all of the tertiary courses. Among the many are the UCC education courses

Prospective students who are interested in studying a education courses can do so at the University of Cape Coast

The university college of education studies is dedicated to producing highly qualified educators, researchers, professionals who can make a positive impact in various fields of education

In this article, you’ll learn about UCC education courses, how to apply etc

List of UCC Education Courses

Below is the list UCC education courses

UCC Undergraduate Education Courses

  1. B.Ed in Basic Education
  2. B.Ed in Childhood Education
  3. B.Ed in Primary Education
  4. B.Ed in Junior High School Education
  5. B.Ed in Senior High School Education
  6. B.Ed in Arts
  7. B.Ed in Science
  8. B.Ed in Home Economics
  9. B.Ed in Health Science
  10. B.Ed in Physical Education

UCC Diploma Education Courses

  1. Diploma in Basic Education
  2. Diploma in Physical Education
  3. Diploma in Health Education
  4. Diploma in Education (Post Secondary)
  5. Diploma in Childhood Education

UCC Masters Education Courses

  1. M.Ed in Educational Administration
  2. M.Ed in Curriculum Studies
  3. M.Ed in Educational Psychology
  4. M.Ed in Special Education
  5. M.Ed in Guidance and Counseling
  6. M.Ed in Higher Education
  7. M.Ed in Science Education
  8. M.Ed in Mathematics Education

UCC PhD Education Courses

  1. PhD in Educational Leadership
  2. PhD in Curriculum Education
  3. PhD in Educational Psychology
  4. PhD in Special Education
  5. PhD in Science Education
  6. PhD in Mathematics Education
  7. PhD in Nursing
  8. PhD in Public Health
  9. PhD in Health Education

Here Are UCC Education Courses

How Long Does The Bachelor of Education Program Take To Complete?

The program takes four years (4) to complete

Can I Pursue A Masters in Education Without A Bachelor of Education?

Yes, applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in a related field can apply for the Master of Education program

What Type of Education Courses Are Offered At The University of Cape Coast?

The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in education, including Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Education Master of Education and PhD in Education

What Specialization Are Available In The Master of Education Program?

Specialization include Educational Administration, Curriculum Studies, Educational Psychology, and Special Education

Does UCC offer Any Certificate Programs In Education?

Yes, the university offers certification programs in areas like special education and educational leadership

How Do I Apply For Education Courses At UCC?

Applications can be submitted online or in person at the university’s admission office

Applicants should visit

Which Courses Are Available At UCC For 2024

We do recommend that you check all the courses offered by The University of Cape Coast from here UCC Courses Full List-University of Cape Coast to see the available courses you can choose to study at UCC

What Are The Career Prospects For Graduates of UCC Education Program?

Graduate can work as teachers, educators, administrators or researchers in various education settings

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