Full List Of (UCC Masters Programmes) 2023/2024-complete guide

In this article you’ll learn full list of UCC Masters Programmes, Departments of the University of Cape Coast Masters Programmes. etc

UCC Masters programmes overview 

UCC Mater offers a range of Masters degree programmes which prospective applicants can choose from.

The university has courses for regular students, part time students and weekends students.

Across its six colleges, University of Cape Coast offers 46 graduate programmes.

However, business and education make up the majority of the curricula.

Although there is a great need for qualified individuals in these two domains, teaching graduate degrees in business and education is simpler than in other fields.


Yes, University of Cape Coast (UCC) provides numerous master’s programmes in a range of subject areas.

For students wishing to pursue advanced studies and develop their knowledge in their chosen industries, these programmes offer a fantastic chance.


Below are the list of UCC Masters programmes in accordance with the various faculties.

College Of Heath And Allied Science

  • M.Phil Master of Nursing (Regular)
  • M.Sc Advance Practice Nursing (Sandwich)

College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

  • M.Phil Agricultural Economics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Biotechnology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Agricultural Extension (Regular)
  • M.Phil Animal Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics) (Regular)
  • M.Phil Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) (Regular)
  • M.Phil Animal Science (Management of Livestock Enterprises) (Regular)
  • M.Phil Animal Science (Meat Science Technology) (Regular)
  • M.Phil Aquaculture (Regular)
  • M.Phil Chemistry (Regular)
  • M.Phil Crop Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Environmental Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Fishies Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Regular)
  • M.Phil Irrigation Technology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Land Use And Environmental Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Mathematics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Mechanisation (Regular)
  • M.Phil Molecular Biology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Non Government Studies and Community Development (Regular)
  • M.Phil Oceanography and Limnology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Pasture and Range Management (Regular)
  • M.Phil Physics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Seed Science and Technology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Soil Science (Regular)
  • M.Phil Statistics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Wildlife Management (Regular)
  • M.S.c Chemistry (Regular)
  • M.S.c Entomology (Regular)
  • M.S.c Mathematics (Sandwich)
  • M.S.c Non Government Organization (NGOs) Studies and Management (Sandwich)
  • M.S.c Statistics (Sandwich)

College of Education Studies

  • M.A Health Education (Sandwich)
  • M.A Measurement and Evaluation (Sandwich Mode) (Sandwich)
  • M.A Measurement and Evaluation (WAEC Workers) (Sandwich)
  • M.A Teacher Education (Regular)
  • M.Ed Educational Psychology (Sandwich)
  • M.Ed Home Economics (Sandwich)
  • MEd Information Technology (Regular)
  • M.Ed Mathematics Education (Sandwich)
  • M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation (Sandwich Mode) (Sandwich)
  • M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation (WAEC Workers) (Sandwich)
  • M.Ed Physical Education (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Basic Education (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Clinical Health Psychology (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Education Psychology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Guidance and Counseling (Regular)
  • M.Phil Health Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Health Education (Top up Regular) (Regular)
  • M.Phil Education (Too up sandwich) (sandwich)
  • M.Phil Home Economics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Mathematics Education (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Mathematics Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Measurement and Evaluation (Regular)
  • M.Phil Physical Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Physical Education (Top up – regular) (regular)
  • M.Phil Physical Education (Top-up sandwich) (sandwich)
  • M.Phil Rehabilitation (Regular)
  • M.Phil Science Education (Regular) (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Sociology of Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Special Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Student Affairs and Service (Regular)
  • M.Phil Vocational and Technical Education (Regular)
  • M.Sc Science Education (Sandwich)

College of Humanities and Legal Studies

  • M.Sc Public Policy Management (Regular)
  • M.Sc Oil and Gas Management (Sandwich)
  • M.Sc Microfinance (Sandwich)
  • M.Sc Land Policy and Administration (Sandwich)
  • M.Sc Economics (Regular)
  • M.Sc Disaster Management (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Tourism Management (Regular)
  • M.Phil Sociology (Regular)
  • M.Phil Religion and Human Values (Regular)
  • M.Phil Population and Health (Regular)
  • M.Phil Philosophy (Regular)
  • M.Phil Music Theory and Composition (Regular)
  • M.Phil Music Education (Regular)
  • M.Phil Linguistics and Didactics in French (Regular)
  • M.Phil Hospitality Management (Regular)
  • M.Phil History (Regular)
  • M.Phil Geography and Regional Planning (Regular)
  • M.Phil French (Regular)
  • M.Phil Ethnomusicology (Regular)
  • M.Phil English (Regular)
  • M.Phil English (Sandwich)
  • M.Phil Economics (Regular)
  • M.Phil Communication in Oil and Gas Management (Regular)
  • M.Phil Classics (Regular)
  • M.Phil African Literature and Civilization (French) (Regular)
  • M.Com Human Resource Management (Regular)
  • M.Com Accounting (Regular)
  • M.Com Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development (Regular)
  • MBA Oil and Gas Management (Regular)
  • MBA Human Resource Management (Regular) (Sandwich)
  • MBA General Management (Regular) (Sandwich)
  • MBA Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development (Regular) (Sandwich)
  • MBA Accounting (Regular)
  • M.A Sociology of Peace and Security (Sandwich)
  • M.A Sociology (Regular)
  • M.A Philosophy (Regular)
  • M.A Literature in English (Sandwich)
  • M.A Labour Studies (Sandwich)
  • M.A Human Resources Management (Sandwich)
  • M.A History (Sandwich)
  • M.A Geography and Regional Planning (Regular)
  • M.A English Language (Sandwich)
  • M.A Communication in Oil and Gas Management (Sandwich)
  • M.A Classics (Regular)
  • M.A Religion and Human Values (Sandwich)

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  • In order to be automatically considered for a Master’s degree at UCC, an applicant must hold a First Class or Second Class degree from an accredited university.
  • The university accepts degree equivalents from applicants who are international students.
    Nonetheless, in order to evaluate a candidate’s level of education, the admission council may schedule an interview.

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