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Moi University  has published the full list of MU Courses offered for the 2024/2025 academic year. Prospective students seeking to apply to study at MU can now peruse the complete catalogue of offerings available for the upcoming year.

This article will guide you through the diverse range of MU courses available at MU for the 2024 academic year.

Again, We’ll cover the typical questions people ask about MU courses and how to apply for the program you’re interested in to earn your academic credentials


The Moi University (MU), boasts a wide array of academic offerings, spanning from diploma programs to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. MU courses encompass a diverse range of disciplines, catering to students’ educational pursuits at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


  1. Bachelor of Science Aerospace Science (Professional Pilot)
  2. Bachelor of Science Aerospace Science (Aviation Security)
  3. Bachelor of Science Aerospace Science (Aerospace Logistics)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology
  5. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension Education
  6. Bachelor of Science Environmental Studies
  7. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  8. Bachelor in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Media & Communication
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Penology & Security Studies
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  14. Bachelor of Arts in French
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  16. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  17. Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
  18. Bachelor of Arts in German
  19. Bachelor of Arts in Music
  20. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
  21. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
  22. Bachelor of Arts in History
  23. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public
  24. Bachelor of Arts in Administration
  25. Bachelor of Arts in Literature
  26. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  27. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television
  28. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  29. Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
  30. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  31. Bachelor of Arts in English
  32. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
  33. Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
  34. Bachelor of Arts with Education
  35. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in any of the following areas: Mathematics, Botany, Physics, Zoology and Chemistry
  36. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  37. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  38. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  39. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing)
  40. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)
  41. Bachelor of Science with Education in any of the following:
  42. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) with any of the following specialization options:
  43. Bachelor of Maritime Management (BMM)
  44. Bachelor of Civil Aviation Management
  45. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  46. Bachelor of Sports Management
  47. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management
  48. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  49. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  50. Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management
  51. Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management
  52. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  53. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  54. Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling)
  55. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
  56. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education) with the following options:
  57. Bachelor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (Primary Option)
  58. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  59. Bachelor of Education (Technology Education)
  60. Bachelor of Education (Business Studies)
  61. Bachelor of Engineering in Civil & Structural Engineering
  62. Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical & Process Engineering
  63. Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  64. Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering.
  65. Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial & Textile Engineering
  66. Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Production Engineering
  67. Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences
  68. Bachelor of Science in Informatics
  69. Bachelor of Science in Media Science
  70. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
  71. Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication and Advertising
  72. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism
  73. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  74. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBCHB)
  75. Bachelor of Science in Medical Psychology
  76. Bachelor of Science in Physical therapy
  77. Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory science (BSc MLS)
  78. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  79. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education
  80. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  81. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality management (BHHM)
  82. Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
  83. Bachelor of Travel and Tour Operations Management (BTTM)


  1. Diploma in Theatre & Film
  2. Diploma in Music
  3. Diploma in Business Management
  4. Diploma in Economics
  5. Diploma in Agribusiness Management
  6. Diploma in Sports Management
  7. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  8. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Studies
  9. Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  10. Diploma in Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  11. Diploma in Secondary Education
  12. Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM)
  13. Diploma in Travel & Tour Guiding (DTTG)
  14. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (DHRM)
  15. Diploma in Events Management (DEM)
  16. Diploma in Sustainable Tourism & Wildlife Management
  17. Diploma in Air Travel Services Management
  18. Diploma in Agriculture
  19. Diploma in Social Work
  20. Diploma in Criminology
  21. Diploma in Community Development
  22. Diploma in Public Administration
  23. Diploma in Religious Studies
  24. Diploma in Literary Journalism


  1. Master of Science in Information Technology
  2. Master of Science in Communication Studies
  3. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Internal Medicine
  4. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Child Health and Paediatrics
  5. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Radiology & Imaging
  6. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Orthopaedic Surgery
  7. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in General Surgery
  8. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Family Medicine
  9. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Reproductive Health
  10. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Psychiatry
  11. Master of Medicine (M.Med) in Anaesthesia and Critical Care
  12. Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy (MPharm Clin.Pharm)
  13. Master of Science (MSc.) (International Health Research Ethics)
  14. Master of Medical Science in Gynaecologic Oncology -MMSc. (Gyn. Oncol)
  15. Master of Science (MSc.) (Medical Biochemistry)
  16. Master of Science in Nursing (Maternal and Neonatal Health)
  17. Master of Public Health (MPH)
  18. Master of Science in Travel and Transport Services Management (MTT)
  19. Master of Tourism Management (MTM)
  20. Master of Hospitality Management (MHM)
  21. Master of Science (Health Informatics)
  22. Master of Education in History of Education
  23. Master of Education in Technology Education
  24. Master of Education in Biology Education
  25. Master of Education in Chemistry Education
  26. Master of Education in Physics Education
  27. Master of Education in Early Childhood & Primary Education
  28. Master of Science in Water Engineering
  29. Master of Science in Structural Engineering
  30. Master of Science in Textile Engineering
  31. Master of Science in Materials Engineering
  32. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
  33. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
  34. Master of Science in Energy Studies
  35. Master of Science in Production Engineering
  36. Master of Science in Library & Information Studies
  37. Master of Science in Publishing
  38. Master of Science in Records and Archives Management
  39. Master of Science in Journalism and Mass Media
  40. Master of Education in Economics of Education
  41. Master of Education in Educational Planning
  42. Master of Education in Educational Technology
  43. Master of Education in Language Education (English)
  44. Master of Education in Language Education (Kiswahili)
  45. Master of Education in Geography Education
  46. Master of Education in Curriculum Development
  47. Master of Education in History Education
  48. Master of Education in Literature Education
  49. Master of Education in Religious Studies Education
  50. Master of Education in Mathematics Education
  51. Master of Education in Social Education & Ethics
  52. Master of Education in Economics Education
  53. Master of Education in Sociology of Education
  54. Master of Education in Philosophy of Education
  55. Master of Education in Comparative Education
  56. Master of Science in Animal Ecology
  57. Master of Science in Plant Genetics
  58. Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry
  59. Master of Science in Organic Chemistry
  60. Master of Science in Inorganic Chemistry
  61. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  62. Master of Science in Biostatistics
  63. Master of Science in Physics
  64. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  65. Master of Arts in International Economics and Trade
  66. Masters of Arts in Economics
  67. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with Specialization in:
  68. Masters in Banking & Finance
  69. Masters of Science in Logistics and Supplies Management with Specialization Options in:
  70. Master of Science in Human Resource Development
  71. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Studies
  72. Master of Science in Project Planning and Management
  73. Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling
  74. Master of Education in Educational Psychology
  75. Master of Education in Educational Administration
  76. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management
  77. Master of Arts Anthropology
  78. Master of Arts Medical Anthropology
  79. Master of Arts History
  80. Master of Arts Linguistics
  81. Master of Arts Literature
  82. Master of Arts Sociology
  83. Master of Arts Religious Studies
  84. Master of Arts Philosophy
  85. Master of Arts Kiswahili (Translation, Linguistics, Literature)
  86. Master of Arts Geography
  87. Master of Arts Public Administration and Policy
  88. Master of Arts Forced Migration
  89. Master of Arts Gender Studies and Development
  90. Master of Arts International Relations
  91. Master of Arts French
  92. Master of Arts Linguistics, Media and communication
  93. Master of Arts Film and Media studies
  94. Master of Arts Theatre
  95. Master of Science Counselling Psychology
  96. Master of Public Administration
  97. Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  98. Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology
  99. Master of Science in Plant Ecology
  100. Master of Science in Environmental Biology
  101. Master of Science in Phycology
  102. Master of Science in Plant Pathology
  103. Master of Science in Mycology
  104. Master of Science in Parasitology
  105. Master of Science in Animal Physiology
  106. Master of Science in Plant Physiology
  107. Postgraduate Diploma in Forced Migration
  108. Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations
  109. Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Education
  110. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
  111. Postgraduate Diploma in Education


  1. PhD in Anthropology
  2. PhD in History
  3. PhD in Political Science & Public
  4. PhD in Administration
  5. PhD in Literature
  6. PhD in Sociology
  7. PhD in Religious Studies
  8. PhD in Philosophy
  9. PhD in Kiswahili
  10. PhD in Geography
  11. PhD in Linguistics
  12. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Ecology
  13. Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Biology
  14. Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Physiology
  15. Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology
  16. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant PathologyDoctor of Philosophy in Plant Pathology
  17. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Genetics
  18. Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry
  19. Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry
  20. Doctor of Philosophy in Inorganic Chemistry
  21. Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics
  22. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  23. Doctor of Philosophy in Pure Mathematics
  24. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
  25. Ph.D in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  26. Ph.D in Economics
  27. Ph.D Human Resource Development
  28. Ph.D Entrepreneurship Studies
  29. PhD in Educational Communication & Technology
  30. PhD in Curriculum Studies
  31. PhD in Language Education (English)
  32. PhD in Social Education & Ethics
  33. PhD in Educational Management
  34. PhD in Educational Psychology
  35. PhD in Energy Studies
  36. Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  37. Doctor of Philosophy in Records and Archives Management
  38. Doctor of Philosophy in Publishing
  39. Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Media
  40. Ph.D Communication Studies
  41. Ph.D in Medical Education
  42. Ph.D in Hospitality Management
  43. Ph.D in Tourism Management

These are all the MU courses offered at Moi University


Moi University offers all courses in the faculties of Humanities, Education, Health Sciences, Business, Management Science and Law, and Science, Engineering and Technology courses.


Yes, Moi University offers diploma courses and honors students who study such courses with diploma qualifications.

Prospective applicants who want to study a diploma course can apply to MU for study admission


Moi University is situated in Eldoret, Kenya. It’s a public university offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Again, Moi University has several campuses, including the main campus in Eldoret and others in Nairobi, Mombasa, Pwani and Kitale.

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