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Doctor of Optometry KNUST Admission requirement and cut off points are very important to guide applicants in the process of selecting their course at KNUST.

In this article you are going to learn KNUST Doctor of Optometry course, Admission requirement, cut off points and career paths available after graduation.


Doctor of Optometry KNUST program is designed to train students to become skilled and competent optometrists who can provide high-quality eye care service to their communities.

Those interested in a future in optometry should strongly consider the Doctor of Optometry program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). A thorough education in eye health and vision care is given to students. Given their proficiency in identifying and managing a variety of eye conditions, graduates of school are highly sought after in the healthcare sector. The Doctor of Optometry degree at KNUST trains students to work as highly qualified professionals in this vital industry.

The aim of the program is to produce graduates who can contribute to the advancement of the profession and to the health and wellness of the society.

Duration of KNUST Doctor of Optometry course

The KNUST Doctor of Optometry is a four-year degree program which leads to the award of the BSc Degree in Doctor of optometry.

With a focus on hands-on training and clinical, students learn about various eye diseases, vision disorders, and vision correction techniques.

What are the grades needed for KNUST Doctor of Optometry Course

The basic requirements are that applicants should have credit passes (A1 – C6) in six (6) subjects’ core subject English, Mathematics, Intergrated Science or Social Studies. Elective subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics

DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRY KNUST Admission Requirements

Applicant must satisfy university’s general requirements. To be qualified for admission the prospective applicants must have following minimum requirements.


  • Credit passes in three (3) core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science.
  • Credit passes in three (3) elective subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.


Five (5) credits at O’ Level including Mathematics, English Language plus passes at the A’ Level or equivalent in three (3) of the following subjects: Zoology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Botany.


Applicants must be 25 years at the time of summitting the application.

EITHER five (5) credits at the O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics

OR five (5) credits at the O’ Level and experience in Meteorological applications (in the case of 1.4b)

OR WASSCE/SSSCE credit passes in three elective subjects including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics.


Doctor of Optometry KNUST cut off points play an important role in assisting applicants in the process of selecting their course at KNUST. Therefore, students who wants to apply must meet with the cut off points of the school before applying.

Doctor of Optometry KNUST cut off points is 06 . Applicants must have credits in the following courses.

Three (3) core subjects English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social. Three (3) elective subject Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics. These courses must sum up to 06 or better for applicants to get admission.

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There are a total of 5 department under the KNUST faculty of Biosciences.

The department are:

  • Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Department of Food Science and Technology
  • Department of Optometry and Visual
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology

The Department of Optometry and Visual is placed under the College of Science at the university. It is the smallest department of the college, with 10 teaching staff and around 210 students.

Does KNUST offer Doctor of Optometry?

Yes, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offer a Doctor of Optometry program.

Prospective students who want to read Doctor of Optometry can apply for study admission at the university for the preferred qualification of the programme.

How Do l Study Doctor of Optometry At KNUST

In order to study Doctor of optometry at KNUST you must first meet the admission requirements set by KNUST. This includes obtaining the required grades in your senior high school or equivalent exams.

You will need to apply for admission to KNUST through the university’s portal. The application process typically involves submitting your academic transcripts, personal statement and other requirement.

Interested student who want to study this course at KNUST should also remember that the decision on admitting you to study Doctor of Optometry at KNUST is solely by the admission board of the university.

This means, you might choose Doctor of Optometry, but KNUST may offer you a different course other than Doctor of Optometry.

How Do l Apply To Study Doctor of Optometry At KNUST?

Application for study admission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), is done both by online and hard copy application forms.

So, you can apply via online through the

Who is the Doctor of Optometry in KNUST?

The Doctor of Optometry in KNUST refers to a graduate of the optometry program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana. This program is designed to prepare individuals to become licensed optometrists who diagnose and treat visual problems and prescribe corrective lenses.

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