BA Political Science KNUST Entry requirements and cut off points for (2023/2024)-Complete guide

BA political science knust

BA Political Science KNUST

Political Science is the study of politics and government, including an examination of political organizations, political behavior, and the ideals and beliefs that underpin them.

BA Political Science KNUST program helps us understand how politics and the government operate and how they impact our everyday lives and society. It also makes recommendations for how to make political processes more effective and efficient in order to better serve the needs of our societies. This includes providing students with in-depth knowledge of and a critical understanding of various theoretical approaches to studying the political economy and governance of development in order to shape their capacity and devotion to influence the development discourse.

After graduating successfully, students are prepared for careers in administration, journalism, public service, and government.


  • Recognizing the governing principles and how they are put into practice, analyzing how people behave within the political system, and assessing the success of decisions and policies.
  • Conduct a critical analysis of important national and foreign political developments.
  • Show a greater interest in practical national and foreign political developments.
  • Exhibit the ability to think critically and in depth about political phenomena and ways to resolve different political issues in both written and spoken form.
  • As well as developing critical thinking and communication skills, which are important in many professions, people can acquire a deeper understanding of how power is used and distributed in society.

Duration of BA Political Science KNUST course

The BA Political Science KNUST is a four-year degree program which leads to the award of the degree in Political Science.


BA Political Science KNUST cut off point play an important role in assisting applicants in the process of selecting their course at KNUST. Therefore, students who wants to apply must meet with the cut off points of the school before applying.

BA Political Science KNUST cut off point is 12. Applicants must have credits in the following courses.

Three (3) core subjects English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social. Three (3) elective subjects History, Government, Economics,Literature in English. These courses must sum up to 12 or better for applicants to get admission.

What are grades needed for BA Political Science KNUST Course

The basic requirements are that applicants should have credits passes (A1-C6) in six (6) subjects’ core subject English, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social. Elective subjects History,Government, Economics, Literature in English, French.

BA Political Science KNUST Admission requirements

Applicants must satisfy the university’s general requirements. To be qualified for admission prospective applicants must have the following requirements.


  • Credit passes in three (3) core subjects: English language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social.
    Credit passes in three (3) elective subjects: Government or History and any other of the following Economics, Geography, Geography, French, Ghanaian language, literature in English, Religious Studies and other any other General Arts Elective and a Pass in Social Studies.


Five (5) credits at O’ Level, including English Language and Mathematics plus Three (3) A’ Level passes including Government or History and any two of the following: Economics, Geography, French, Religious Studies and Ghanian Language


Applicants must 25 years at the time of submitting application EITHER five (5) credits at O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics, History or Government OR WASSCE/SSSCE credits in Three (3) elective subjects including Government and History.

Applicants must pass an interview and written examination.


Does KNUST offer BA Political Science?

Yes, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offer a Bachelor of Political Science program.

Prospective students who want to read BA Political Science can apply for study admission at the university for the preferred qualification of the programme.

How Do l Apply To Study BA Political Science At KNUST?

Application for study admission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), is done both by online and hard copy application forms.

So, you apply via online through the WWW.KNUST.EDU.GH

Is D7 accepted in Political Science at KNUST?

No, you must have at least a C6 in Political Science at KNUST in addition to Math, Social Studies, English, and three other options.

Which subject is best for political science?

The argument over what topic is best to study in order to pursue a career in politics has heated up recently. Others contend that majoring in history or economics can give a strong foundation, while some contend that majoring in political science is the obvious option. Some colleges advise students to major in humanities and social studies like history, philosophy, sociology, economics, geography, and modern languages.

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