University of Ghana Masters Programme (2024)- Full List

The UG has published the University of Ghana masters programme for the 2024 academic year
. Prospective applicants can access University of Ghana masters programme for the 2024 application

In this article, we’ll look at University of Ghana masters programme, how to apply, requirements etc

We will also answer most frequently questions asked about University of Ghana masters programme

University of Ghana Masters Programme

The University of Ghana Mater offers a range of Masters degree programmes which prospective applicants can choose from. The university has courses for regular students, part time students and weekends student

Below is the list of University of Ghana Masters programmes in accordance with the various faculties

UG College of Humanities Masters Programmes

School of Art

MA/MPhil/PhD Programmes

  1. Study of Religions- MPhil/PhD
  2. Philosophy- MPhil/PhD
  3. History- MPhil/PhD
  4. Archaeology- MPhil/PhD
  5. Museum & Heritage- MPhil/PhD
  6. Classics- MPhil/PhD

School of Languages

MA/MPhil/PhD Programmes

  1. Conference Interpreting- MA
  2. French- MPhil/PhD
  3. Teaching English as a Second- MPhil (Top-up)
  4. English- MA/MPhil/PhD
  5. Linguistics- MA/MPhil/PhD
  6. Spanish- MA/MPhil
  7. Russian- MA/MPhil
  8. Arabic- MA/MPhil
  9. Translation- MA

School of Performing Arts

MA/MPhil/PhD Programmes

  1. Theatre- MA/MFA/MPhil/PhD
  2. Music (option available) Theory & Composition, Ethnomusicology- MPhil/PhD
  3. Dance (Choreography/Performance)- MFA
  4. Dance (option available for MPhil) Dance Ethnology, Dance in Education- MPhil

School of Social Sciences

MA/MPhil/PhD Programmes

  1. Economics Policy Management- MA/Weekend/Evening/ Fee Paying
  2. Economics- MPhil
  3. Development Economics- PhD
  4. Social Work- MPhil/PhD
  5. Geography & Resource Development- MPhil/PhD
  6. Psychology- PhD
  7. Political Science- MA/MPhil/PhD
  8. Sociology- MA/PhD
  9. Climate Change & Sustainable Development- MSc/MPhil

UG Institute of Statistical, Social Economic Research Masters Programme

MA/MPhil/PhD Programmes

  • Development Studies- MA/MPhil

UG Center for Social Policy Studies Masters Programme

MA/MPhil/PhD Programme

  • Social Policy Studies- MA
  • Research and Public- MRPP (Evening Programme)

UG Institute of Regional Population Studies Masters Programmes


  • Population Studies

UG Legon Center for International Affairs and Diplomacy Masters Programmes

  • International Affairs (Part-Time) – MA
  • International Affairs(Regular)- MA/PhD

UG Center for Migration Studies Masters Programmes

  • Migration Studies- MA/MPhil/PhD

UG Institute of African Studies Masters Programmes

  • African Studies- MA/MPhil/PhD

UG School of Business Masters Programme

MA /MSc/MBA/MPhil/PhD Programme

  1. Risk Management and Insurance- MPhil
  2. Health Policy and Management- PhD
  3. Public Administration and Policy Management- PhD
  4. Finance- MBA/MPhil/PhD
  5. Accounting- MBA/MPhil/PhD
  6. Marketing – MBA/MPhil/PhD
  7. Public Administration- MPA/MPhil
  8. Human Resource Management- MBA/MPhil
  9. Health Service Management- MBA/MPhil
  10. Management Information Systems- MBA/MPhil
  11. Operations Management- MPhil
  12. Information Systems- PhD

UG Business School Special- Weekend/ Executive Master of Business Administration Programmes

  1. Accounting and Financial Services Management- EMBA
  2. Finance- MBA/EMBA
  3. Health Service Administration- MBA
  4. Human Resource Management- MBA /EMBA/PHD
  5. Management Information Systems- MBA
  6. Marketing- MBA/EMBA
  7. Public Administration- MPA
  8. Project Management- EMBA
  9. Entrepreneurial Management- EMBA
  10. Accounting and Financial Services Management- EMBA
  11. Development Finance- MSC
  12. Management and Administration- MA
  13. Accounting and Finance (ACESS)- MSC

School of Law

Part Time Basis

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution- MA (two (2) year evening programme)
  2. Human Rights and Administration- MA(two (2) year evening programme)
  3. *Alternative Dispute Resolution- LLM (two (2) year evening programme)
  4. *Oil and Gas Law- LLM (two (2) year evening programme)

MA/LLM Programme


UG College of Education Masters Programme

School Of Information And Communication Studies

MA/MPhil/PhD Programme

  1. Information Studies- MA/MPhil/PhD
  2. Communication Studies- MA/MPhil/PhD

School Of Continuing And Distance Education

MA/MPhil/PhD Programme

  1. Distance Education & E Learning- MA
  2. Adult Education & Human Resource Studies- PhD
  3. HIV/AIDS Management (Distance)- MA/MPhil
  4. Adult Education- MA/MPhil

School Of Education And Leadership

MA/MPhil Programme

  1. Educational Leadership and Management- MA/MPhil
  2. Education- MA/MPhil

UG College of Basic and Applied Sciences Masters Programme

School Of Biological Sciences

  1. Applied Parasitology- MPhil/PhD
  2. Botany- MPhil/PhD
  3. Food Science- MPhil/PhD
  4. Nutrition- MPhil/PhD
  5. Marine Science- MPhil/PhD
  6. Fisheries Science- MPhil/PhD
  7. Fisheries Management- MSc
  8. Coastal Zone Management- MSc
  9. Molecular Biology- MPhil
  10. Aquaculture- MSc/MPhil
  11. Biochemistry- MSc/MPhil/PhD
  12. Zoology-MPhil
  13. Biodiversity & Conservation Science- PhD
  14. Molecular Cell Biology of Infectious Diseases- MPhil/PhD

School Of Physical And Mathematical Sciences

  1. Earth Science- PhD
  2. Petroleum Geoscience- MSc
  3. Mineral Exploration- MSc
  4. Economic Geology- MSc/MPhil
  5. Applied Geochemistry- MSc/MPhil
  6. Applied Geophysics- MSc/MPhil
  7. Hydrogeology- MSc/MPhil
  8. Geology- MSc/MPhil
  9. Engineering Geology- MSc/MPhil
  10. Statistics- MPhil/PhD
  11. Physics- MPhil/PhD
  12. Chemistry- MPhil/PhD
  13. Actuarial Science- MSc (evening/weekend)/MPhil
  14. Computer Science- MSC(evening/weekend) MEng/MPhil/PhD

Institute For Environment And Sanitation Studies

  1. Environmental Sanitation Studies- MPhil
  2. Sustainability Science- MPhil
  3. Environmental Science- MPhil/PhD

Centre For Climate Change And Sustainability Development

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development- MSc/MPhil

School Of Nuclear And Allied Sciences

  1. Nuclear Technology Applications in Petroleum and Mining Industries- MPhil
  2. Nuclear Science and Technology- MPhil
  3. Radiation Protection- MPhil/PhD
  4. Radiation Processing- MPhil/PhD
  5. Nuclear and Radiochemistry- MPhil/PhD
  6. Nuclear & Environmental Protection- MPhil/PhD
  7. Nuclear Engineering- MPhil/PhD
  8. Nuclear Earth Science- MPhil/PhD
  9. Nuclear Agriculture- MPhil/PhD
  10. Medical Physics- MPhil/PhD
  11. Health Physics and Radiation Protection- MPhil/PhD
  12. Computational Nuclear Sciences & Engineering- MPhil/PhD
  13. Applied Nuclear Physics- MPhil/PhD

School Of Agriculture

  • Extension & Livelihood Studies- MSc
  • Home Science- MPhil

Family and Consumer Sciences

option available for PhD

  1. Food Utilization and Community Nutrition
  2. Child and Family Studies
  3. Family Resource Management
  • Agricultural Economics- MPhil
  • Agribusiness- MPhil/PhD
  • Agricultural Extension- M.Agric/MPhil/PhD
  • Applied Parasitology- MPhil/PhD
  • Animal Science- MPhil/PhD
  • Biodiversity Studies- MPhil
  • Biodiversity and Conservation Science- PhD
  • Crop Science- M.Agric/ MPhil/PhD

Soil Science

MPhil Specialization Areas Available:
Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Pedology and landscape Processes
Soil Physics and Conservation
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
Environmental Soil Science

PhD Specializations Areas Available:
Soil Fertility
Soil Chemistry
Pedology and landscape Processes
Soil Physics and Conservation
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
Environmental Soil Science

  • Agricultural Administration- M.Agric/MPhil/PhD
  • Agricultural Engineering- MPhil/M.Eng/PhD
  • Applied Agricultural Economics & Policy- PhD
  • Entomology- MPhil/PhD (ARPPIS)

School Of Engineering Sciences

  1. Food Process Engineering- MPhil/PhD
  2. Materials Science & Engineering- MEng/MPhil/PhD
  3. Biomedical Engineering- MEng/MPhil/PhD
  4. Agricultural Engineering- MEng/MPhil/PhD
  5. Computer Engineering- MEng/MPhil/PhD

UG College of Health Sciences Masters Programme 

School Of Biomedical And Allied Health Sciences

  1. Speech and Language Therapy- MSc
  2. +Medical Laboratory Sciences- MSc
  3. +Audiology- MSc
  4. +Medical Ultrasonography- MSc
  5. +Dietetics- MSc/PhD

School of Public Health

  1. Bioethics- MSc
  2. Public Health Monitoring and Evaluation- MSc
  3. Occupational Hygiene- MSc
  4. Occupational Medicine- MSc
  5. Clinical Trials- MSc
  6. Applied Health Social Science- MSc
  7. Health Economics- MHE
  8. Health Informatics- MHI
  9. Applied Epidemiology and Disease Control- MPhil
  10. Public Health- MPH

Public Health

Available option for PhD

Biological, Environmental and Occupational Sciences
Biostatistics Epidemiology and Disease Control
Health Policy, Planning and Management
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Social and Behavioural Science

School Of Public Health Special Weekend Programme

  • Public Health Monitoring and Evaluation- MSc
  • Public Health- MPH

School Of Nursing And Midwifery


  1. Midwifery- MSc/MPhil
  2. Nursing- MSc/MPhil/PhD

University Of Ghana Medical School

  1. Chemical Pathology- MPhil
  2. Physiology- MPhil
  3. Pharmacology- MPhil
  4. Immunology- MPhil
  5. Haematology- MPhil
  6. Anatomy- MPhil
  7. Anatomy- MPhil

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about the University of Ghana masters programme

What Is The Duration of Masters Programme At The University of Ghana?

The duration of masters programme varies by discipline. Generally, it takes one or two years for full time and four years for part time

How Do I Apply For A Masters Programme At The University of Ghana?

Applications are typically submitted online through the University of Ghana admission portal

Applicant should visit or

Does The University of Ghana offer Distance Learning Online Masters Programme?

Yes, Some masters programme at the University of Ghana are available through distance learning or online format

Can I Study A Masters Programme At The University of Ghana Part- Time?

Yes, many masters programme at the University of Ghana offer part- time study

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