National Service Postings at KNUST: A Step-by-Step Guide for Registration-complete guide

National service postings at knustCongratulations on your national service postings at KNUST. To ensure a smooth transition into your service year, follow these essential registration steps after the postings are released.

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Step 1: Confirm Your Posting-National Service Postings at KNUST

  • When the National Service Scheme (NSS) releases the postings, visit or simply open this link: NSS Portal.
  • Log in using the email you used for online registration and your Dashboard password. Click on “SIGN IN.”
  • Once logged in, you can view your official posting letter. If you’re unsatisfied with your placement and want a special reposting, you can request it directly through this WhatsApp link.
  •  If you encounter any issues with your dashboard, visit any NSS Regional or Head Office for assistance.

Step 2: Print Your Appointment Letter and User Agency Form-

National Service Postings at KNUST

  • Log in to your Dashboard again using this link.
  • Click on “Print Posting Letter.”
  • Click on “Show Appointment Letter” to print it. The Appointment Letter consists of two pages with the signature of the NSS Executive Director and includes the User Agency forms.
  • Submit the Appointment Letter and User Agency Acceptance Form to the organization where you’ve been posted. Note that the User Agency Acceptance Form must be signed and endorsed with the official stamp by the organization’s Head or HR.
  • In case your placement is rejected by the organization, take a Rejection Letter from the organization, attach your Appointment Letter, and submit it to the NSS Regional/Head Office for computer-based reposting.

Step 3: Book an Appointment with NSS Regional Office-

National Service Postings at KNUST

Please note that booking an appointment is only for those who have been accepted at their place of posting. If you’ve been rejected, you should wait for reposting before booking an appointment.

  •  Log in to your Dashboard and select “Book Appointment” from the options.
  •  Choose a suitable date and time for your appointment from the suggested options.
  • Visit the NSS Regional Office or Registration Center in the region where you are posted on the appointed date. Ensure you bring your signed Appointment Letter, School ID, and National ID card used during online registration.
  • If you need to correct any errors in your name, course, or date of birth, bring it to the attention of the officials to ensure corrections before your NSS certificate is issued.
  • After regional registration, you will receive a Regional Acceptance Number (RAN). Make three copies of the endorsed letter with the RAN: one for the NSS district office, one for the organization you are posted to, and one for yourself.
  • Enquire with the officials about the schedule for biometric registration, which will include capturing your picture and fingerprint. You will be notified when this process begins.

Step 4: E-ZWICH & Biometric Registration-

National Service Postings at KNUST

Before you register for E-ZWICH, note that NSS personnel fall into two categories:

1. Subvented Category: You have been posted to a government-funded institution, and you will be paid by NSS. You are required to register for an E-Zwich card from any operating bank. Then, log in to your Dashboard to provide your E-Zwich details (number) for monthly payments. The E-ZWICH number will also be recorded at the regional level during regional and biometric registration. If you already have an active E-Zwich card, there’s no need to register for a new one.
2. Non-Subvented Category: You have been posted to a private or non-government-funded institution, and the institution is responsible for your payment, which may occur through your bank account or in another manner.

If you wish to be reposted to a location of your choice, whether or not you have completed all your registration, you can request a special reposting by contacting this link.

For any further assistance, feel free to contact the Coordinator using the provided WhatsApp link.

Thank you and best of luck with your national service at KNUST! For more information visit

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