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The Koforidua Technical University has released its comprehensive list of KTU courses for the 2024 academic year. Prospective students seeking to apply to study at KTU can now peruse the complete catalogue of offerings available for the upcoming year.

This article will guide you through the diverse range of KTU courses available at KTU for the 2024 academic year.

Again, We’ll cover the typical questions people ask about KTU courses and how to apply for the program you’re interested in to earn your academic credentials


The Koforidua Technical University (KTU), boasts a wide array of academic offerings, spanning from diploma programs to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. KTU courses encompass a diverse range of disciplines, catering to students’ educational pursuits at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels


  1. Higher National Diploma in Post-Harvest Technology
  2. Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
  3. Higher National Diploma in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
  4. Higher National in Secretaryship and Management Studies
  5. Higher National Diploma in Statistics
  6. Pre-Higher National Diploma
  7. Higher National Diploma in Environmental Management and Technology
  8. Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design and Textiles
  9. Higher National Diploma in Food Technology
  10. Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design
  11. Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management
  12. Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  13. Higher National Diploma in Accountancy
  14. Higher National Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  15. Higher National Diploma in Building Technology
  16. Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering
  17. Higher National Diploma in Computer Network Management
  18. Higher National Diploma in Computer Science
  19. Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering


  1. Diploma in Business Studies- Purchasing and Supply
  2. Diploma in Business Studies- Secretaryship
  3. Diploma in Business Studies- Statistics
  4. Diploma in Fashion Design and Textiles
  5. Diploma in Public Administration
  6. Diploma in Public Relations
  7. Diploma in Banking and Technology
  8. Diploma in Business Studies- Accounting
  9. Diploma in Business Administration
  10. Diploma in Business Studies- Banking and Finance
  11. Diploma in Business Studies-Entrepreneurship
  12. Diploma in Business Studies- Event Management
  13. Diploma in Business Studies- Information Technology
  14. Diploma in Business Studies- Management
  15. Diploma in Business Studies- Marketing


  1. Bachelor Technology in Telecommunication
  2. Bachelor Technology in Secretaryship and Management Studies
  3. Bachelor Technology in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
  4. Bachelor Technology in Procurement and Supply Chain
  5. Bachelor Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  6. Bachelor Technology in Welding and Fabrication Engineering
  7. BachelorTechnology in Medical Laboratory Science
  8. Bachelor Technology in Marketing
  9. Bachelor Technology in Integrated Development Planning
  10. Bachelor Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  11. Bachelor Technology in Food Technology
  12. Bachelor Technology in Environmental Management Technology
  13. Bachelor Technology in Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Top-Up)
  14. Bachelor Technology in Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  15. Bachelor Technology in Computer Science
  16. Bachelor Technology in Civil Engineering
  17. Bachelor Technology in Real Estate Mgt.
  18. Bachelor Technology in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Practice
  19. Bachelor Technology in Construction Technology and Mgt.
  20. Bachelor Technology in Building Services
  21. Bachelor Technology in Biomedical Engineering
  22. Bachelor Technology in Automotive Engineering
  23. Bachelor Technology in Actuarial Science
  24. Bachelor Technology in Health Statistics
  25. Bachelor Technology in Applied Statistics
  26. Bachelor Technology in Accounting


  • Advanced Fashion Design and Textiles
  • Construction Technician Course
  • Catering Certificate II
  • Motor Vehicle Technician Part I
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I
  • Intermediate Fashion Design & Textiles
  • Fashion Design & Textiles Certificate II
  • Electrical Engineering Technician Part I

These are all the courses offered at Koforidua Technical University


KTU has five Faculties and one institute of the university provide programmes in the areas of

  • Faculty of Business and Management Studies
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Built and Natural Environment
  • School business and Management Studies
  • The institute of open and distance learning

For more info visit ktu.edu.gh


Yes, KTU offers degree courses and honors degree qualifications to students upon successful completion of their studies in these programs

Prospective applicants who want to study a degree course can apply to Koroforidua Technical University for study admission


Yes, Koforidua Technical University is open for application for admission into the 2024 academic year.

Those interested in commencing their studies at KTU in 2024 can initiate their application process now


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