B.A Sociology KNUST Admission Requirement and Cut off points for 2023/2024-(complete guide)

B.A Sociology  KNUST cut off point and admission requirement is very important to guide applicant in the process of selecting their course at KNUST.

In this article you are going to learn about B.A Sociology KNUST, Admission requirement, cut off point and the career paths available after graduation.

B.A Sociology KNUST program

B.A Sociology is the study of social interaction and human society. Sociologists look at a range of societal issues, including institutions, social change, and social interaction. The goal of sociology is to comprehend how social systems and structures affect people and groups, as well as how people and groups influence society. Sociology influences policies and practices that can lead to constructive social change and helps us better comprehend the intricacies of human behavior and social connections.

B.A Sociology KNUST program is designed to provide students in-depth knowledge of social behavior, human society, and social change. Students in this curriculum examine various racial, gender, class, and ethnic topics as well as social, cultural, and historical aspects of society. Graduates of B.A. Sociology programs have the analytical and critical thinking abilities to succeed in a variety of fields, including policy analysis, social work, advocacy, research, and education. Understanding the complexity of human behavior and how society functions is made possible by studying sociology.


  • To develop critical thinking skills, analyzing societies issues, understanding social inequalities, and promoting justice.
  • To understand social phenomena through the use of research and analytical methods, identifying patterns in behavior, culture and social structures, and applying sociological theory to real world problem.

B.A SOCIOLOGY KNUST cut off points.

BA Sociology KNUST cut off points is very important to guide applicant in the process of selecting their course at KNUST. therefore, student who want to apply must meet with the cut off points of the school before applying.

B.A Sociology KNUST is 14. Applicant must have credit in the following courses:

Three core subject English, Mathematics, Intergrated Science or Social. Three elective subject Geography, Government, Economics. these courses must sum up to 14 or better for applicant to get admission.

For more information visit http://Knust.edu.gh

Duration of KNUST B.A Sociology course

The B.A Sociology KNUST is a four (4) year degree programmed which leads to the award of Sociology degree.

What are grades needed for KNUST B.A Sociology Course

The basic requirements are that applicants should have credits passes (A1-C6) in six (6) subjects’ core subject English, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social. Elective subjects Geography, Government, Economics.

B.A SOCIOLOGY KNUST Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the university’s general requirements. To be qualified for admission prospective applicants must have the following requirements.


Credit passes in core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science. Credit passes in Three (3) elective subjects: Geography, Government, Economics, Business Management, History, Ghanaian Language, Literature in English, French and other General Elective and Science Electives.


Five (5) credits at O’ Level including English and Mathematics additional Three (3) A’ Level passes including any of the following: Religious Studies, Economics, Literature in English, Ghanaian Language, Elective Mathematics, Government. Applicants must also pass in General Paper.


Applicants must be 25 years old at the time of summitting the application. Five (5) credits at the O’ Level including English and Mathematics OR WASSCE/SSSCE credits passes in Three (3) core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science additional Three (3) elective subjects.

Applicants must pass a written exam exams and an interview.

Faculty of Social Science

There are a total number of 7 department under the KNUST faculty of Social Science.

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of English
  • Department of Geography and Rural Development
  • Department of History and Political Studies
  • Department of Modern Languages
  • Department of Sociology and Social work
  • Department of Religious Studies

Department of Sociology and Social work

The sociology and social work department at KNUST is dedicated to creating a transformative learning environment where students can investigate societal processes, comprehend social challenges, and make a constructive social change. The department was established in 2005.The vision is to promote excellent sociological research and social work practice. The goal is to give students the knowledge, abilities, and critical thinking skills they need to assess and address social issues.

Additionally,The department offers undergraduate and post graduate Sociology and Social work degree.

Does KNUST offer B.A Sociology?

Yes, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offer a Bachelor of Sociology program.

Prospective students who want to read B.A Sociology can apply for study admission at the university for the preferred qualification of the programme.

How Do l Apply to Study B.A Sociology At KNUST?

Application for study admission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), is done both by online and hard copy application forms.

So, you apply via online through the WWW.KNUST.EDU.GH

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